Thursday, September 2, 2010

Disneyland Tips

So has it really been that long since my vacation to Disneyland? I miss it so much and wish I could go back. But school is now in full swing and I am super busy. So here is one of many post to come!!
First tip: Book through Costco Travel and stay at the Disneyland Hotel!!
Let me explain why.
When you book through Costco Travel you not only get a deal, but you get lots of perks too!
For example:
Disney Premium Dining - This is such a fun event. To me, not really worth the cost. It would have cost our family of five $180.00. Just for dinner. But it was a perk of booking though Costco, so we were able to sit back and enjoy it!!
Some of the perks for booking through Costco are:
$20.00 Disney gift card - This has gone up since I booked. I only got $10.00. I think it paid for one treat for the kids (Disney snacks are SO expensive)
Costco Travel pin, land yard, and luggage tag - The land yard is not really cool looking. But it is nice to keep your Disneyland hopper passes and room key in.

Now why do I say you should stay at the Disneyland hotel. Well, this hotel is the most magical..... there are hidden mickeys everywhere. They have the Neverland Pool, which is the most kid friendly and even supplies the floating devices for the kids!!
The hotel is only 100 yard from the Monorail that drops you right off in the middle of Disneyland.
If you do stay at the Disneyland hotel, make sure to request the Dreams Tower. This tower was just recently remodeled.
Upon checking in they told us that the tower was completely full and we might be able to switch the next day. When we made it to our room we found out that this was now the tower being remodeled and it was loud! I quickly got on the phone and asked when we could switch. Just then they got a cancellation and were able to move us.
We went from this......

To this.... The other rooms are okay, but these ones are amazing. Just look at my pictures to see the personal touches!!

There were double sinks, which were very nice with 5 of us using them.

I bagged up my cute little mickey bottles everyday so they would give me new ones!! Aren't they SO cute?
The best of all what the castle that was above the beds. My kids made me turn it on every night before bed!!


There will be more tips to come, so keep checking in.


Delia said...

Love these tips! Thank you!

Roberts Family said...

Thanks for posting this! We are trying to book a trip to disneyland and i am glad i read this first!

SaveOne said...

now I want to go to disney land lol