Sunday, September 5, 2010

Disney Land Hotel Perks

When you stay at the Disneyland hotel you get these super cute room cards (the cards on the right). Each guest in your room gets their own card with their name on it. When you leave you get to keep your cards. I did not give my kids there cards until after the trip.
The Hopper Passes to the Disney Parks are just like gift cards. Don't loose them, they will not give you new ones!! You have to have these cards each time you enter the park and you will need them to get fast passes. My husband and I each kept a child pass with our own in our land yards. We had them face to face so the bar code could easily be scanned with out taking them out. Another perk of the of the Disneyland hotel is the special entrance to California Adventures. The entrance is inside the Grand Californian Hotel, it's a little tricky to find the first time. The great thing about this is a short line and the entrance is right by the Grizzly River run. The reason why this is so great is because that is where you get your fast passes for the World of Color show (a MUST see). You will want to enter the park first thing, run to the Grizzly River Run, and get your tickets ASAP for the best spots for the show.
They do sell lunches to get a ticket for a spot. But I saw the lunches and they are not worth the $14.99 per plate!! When you book through Costco Travel you get some great perks!! One of the perks was the land yard and collectible pin. I had no intentions of collecting pins, but they give you your first pin to trade. The green pins on the bottom right side are the pin that you get with your land yard. They are a good start for trading. Disney Pin Trading works like this: When you are inside the Disney parks, you will see some of the "cast members" wearing a black pouch with pins attached to them. You can walk up to them and trade anyone of your pins for theirs!! It gets kind of fun once you get going.
As you can see I have attached a small sharpie to my lanyard. This was great when every we needed an autograph book signed. I didn't have to go searching for a pen.
Also, on my kids lanyards I wrote my cell phone number in permanent marker, just in case they got lost.
My husband thought I was crazy for collecting little mickey bottles from our hotel room. But I felt that we had more than paid for them and the kids would love to have them at home. Any one need some shampoo?


Stella said...

Great vacation!! Love seeing your deals and pics.

SaveOne said...

wow those are really adorable :)